Tap the Potential of LEV Market

Categories:FEB NewsDate:2022-07-01

Xiang Jiangfeng: Tap the Potential of LEV Market

Xiang Jiangfengexecutive director of FEB Battery Research Institutewas invited to attend the "International Summit on Lithium Battery Technology and Application for Light Electric Vehicles 2022" and delivered a keynote speech on "FEB Travel Light Solution" from June 29 to 30.


Director Xiang said that given the new national standard and the impact of epidemic,the light electric vehicle industry is confronting many challenges. However, there are still opportunities for the development of light electric vehicles in the context of rigid demand of take-out food industry for recharging electricity, restrictions on motorcycle emission and increasingly popularized excursion among consumers. EV market and users are badly in need of lithium battery products with the performances of high safety and high energy density, long cycle life, cost-effective and fast charge.

As for the LEV market, FEB products, namely18650-2900mah, 18650-3300mah and 21700-5000mah, which have already been mass produced, are widely popular among users thanks to their advantages of long cycle life, high energy and safety. Besides, we have prepared another flagship product-18650-3800mah; its cathode is made of super-high nickel materials and anode made of high-capacity silicon-carbon materials, cell weight is only about 47g, and the nominal capacity is 13.68wh; with the features of 3C discharge and high energy density of 300wh/kg, 18650-3800mah is widely applicable to electric bikes, electric motorcycles, electric power tools, etc.

Production capacity of FEB is as follows: daily output 1.2 million pieces of 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and 400,000.00 pieces of 21700 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. We continue to expand production line, established a diversified product matrix, and spare no effort in tapping the potential of segmented markets of light travel, residential energy storage, etc.


FEB won the Honor of Innovative Enterprise 2022 in this summit, which is the recognition and acknowledgement of its achievements over the years. FEB adheres to ceaseless innovation and exploration, and dedicates to serving customers with high-efficient products and state-of-the-art technologies.